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Daily Archives: November 25, 2011

2 of ? in a series of Things I didn’t know

Ignore the Russian. How cool is the “Moses Bridge” in the Netherlands. It looks like somebody parted the waterway and you can walk right through it. From a distance all you can see are peoples’ heads and then they come out on the other side completely dry. Architecture creates blocks or channels for systems to flow through. It is very exciting how something considered impossible can become the inspiration for design, and then it becomes probable.


There are many more problems with the bridge/trench than positive outcomes. If it rains it is unusable. If the river rises even a little then it will flood and it is unusable. That part of the waterway is unusable by boats because they can’t pass the bridge. Kids seem to like running and fishing off of it though.

However! Universal Studios used this trick when they filmed ‘Ten Commandments’ in 1956. That I did not know. The film industry thought of it first, except with glass walls holding the water back and major wind effects!