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Daily Archives: November 23, 2011

From the eyes of a child

For our studio project we are designing a children’s art gallery that will have 12 apartments for resident artists, studios, and house exhibits from children, teens, and part of the Whitney collection. I had never heard of such a project specifically aimed at children…until I did a little research. There are art galleries and interactive studios for children in various places around the world, except they do not have live-in artists.  There are some in Australia, one near Boston, and a few others. There is even one in New York City on Charlton Street called Children’s Museum of the Arts. They have classes for 10 months old up to 15 years old, keeping in mind each age group’s stages of development.

Children like to touch things and crawl on the floor. They are curious about dark spaces but are also afraid of them. They like to be messy. When encountering a tree they like to imagine climbing it and being on top of the world. Everything is a little magical. I think from a handful of professions, architects are well aware of their child selves. There are railings that kids cannot get through for safety, there are lower windows, there are crawl spaces, there are colors and textures to catch their eye.