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Daily Archives: November 1, 2011

1 of ? in a series of Things I didn’t Know.

This magazine called Esri ArcNews comes to my house randomly addressed to someone who lived here a long long time ago. So of course I read it. One article struck me because it is all about what we are learning in class, how to use natural systems/natural capital to drive our own systems.  New York City has 2,000 square miles of watersheds. Nineteen reservoirs supply New Yorker’s with 1.2 billions gallons of drinking water daily. In the 1990s New York City had the choice of either making a new water filtration plant or investing to protect and restore their watersheds.  Using GIS and GeoDesign landscape architects and engineers were able to create habitats, preserve farmland, and create more recreational parks in the watershed area. Not to mention NYC has very clean drinking water now. Now I know.

Also, the practice of hydraulic fracturing has been a problem in New York and has come under much scrutiny.  It is unsafe for humans and for the environment.  It is or was happening near the watersheds and many are protesting it. The practice is banned already in many countries. France was the first to ban it. .  “Fracking” is a process used to extract natural gas and petroleum by initiating a fracture in a rock layer with pressurized fluid.